The RetroKat X Series has earned it's reputation for being one of our greatest top sellers! Designed for those who want to experience a retro gaming experience with a large screen.

Play over 15 game consoles in the palm of your hands. 

-6-7 hour battery life. 🔋 (USB C)

-Amazing performance

-Save games instantly. ⚡

-2 USB Controller Ports 🎮

-HDMI connection to play on TV 📺

-7" LCD IPS MASSIVE display.

-12 month warranty on all consoles 📰

This unit has upgraded performance over previous revisons and has superb build quality. Don't be fooled by anything other than a RetroKat revision. 


Up to 9000+ North American games are loaded onto the Micro SD card. These game titles are included as a gift with your purchase! No repeats, No fillers. Only official titles. 


Plays the following:














While it’s designed for handheld use, you can also use it as a living room console by running an HDMI cable to a TV and plugging in up to two controllers using the device’s dual micro USB ports.
Supports in-game saves to resume where you last left off and also supports instant save states!

Bonus Features : Play your favorite movies, music and images all on the same device!
For those who need maximum retro gaming experience performance, the X series doesn't fail to deliver! This is one of our best sellers and it's no surprise!
The X Series is available in the following bundles:
Standard Edition:
    1x RetroKat X Series Game Console.
    1x 32GB MicroSD.
    1x Usb-C Charging Cable.
    1x Owners Manual.
    1x Colored Joystick Grip Caps

Super Edition: 
    1x RetroKat X Series Game Console.
    1x 32GB MicroSD.
    1x Micro HDMI to HDMI 10ft cable.
    1x Gaming Case.
    1x Earbuds.
    1x Usb-C Charging Cable.
    1x Owners Manual.
    1x Colored Joystick Grip Caps.

Ultimate Edition: 
    1x RetroKat X Series Game Console
    1x 32GB Micro SD.
    1x Micro HDMI to HDMI 10ft Cable
    1x Gaming Case
    1x Earbuds
    2x Game Controller (Super Gamepad) 
    2x Micro USB to USB Adapter
    1x Usb-C Charging Cable
    1x RetroKat Decals
    1x Owners Manual 
    1x Colored Joystick Grip Caps.


Ultimate Wireless Edition: 

    1x Ultimate bundle w/o wired controllers

    2x Wireless 2.4GhZ PS style controllers

Up to 9000+ preloaded games installed on the MicroSD card included as a FREE gift!

Technical Specs: 
Processor – Quad-core Cortex-A7 processor @ 1.3 GHz
System Memory – 2GB of DDR2 ram.
Storage – 32GB or 64GB flash storage, MicroSD card slot (Max 128GB)
Display – 7″ IPS display with 1024×600 resolution
Video Output – Mini HDMI output
Audio – 3.5mm audio jack; speaker(s); MP3/MP4 audio playback
USB – 2x Micro USB port to connect external gamepads, 1X USB-C for charging.
User input – 2x rockers, 2x D-PADs, select and start keys, function key, L&R; power & reset keys, volume control
Battery – 3,000 mAh (7 hours of non-stop use)

RetroKat - X Series - Game Console + [Bonus Gift up to 9000 Games!]

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